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May 05 2017

Brexit, Buying and the (Not So) Great British Pound

Brexit – this single word despised or celebrated - has dominated our news for some time. It elicits vastly differing accounts of impact and consequence to the British people, our economy, our lifestyles and, for this article, business, both national and international. Whilst many of the outcomes remain uncertain, one indisputable fact of Brexit is abundantly clear. The impact of Brexit on our currency has not been positive. 



 The whys and wherefores, the bookies' error and the political can kicking and the long-term effects can be debated at length but as the chart above clearly demonstrates, following the vote the Pound is now worth considerably less against the Euro and the Dollar (and basket of other currencies) 

So what? You might say it is just an impact on our holiday or that one deals solely in Pounds or that your market is solely in the UK. All true but the impact remains significant for British business as our buying power, on the continent (and further afield) has been greatly reduced. Even if you only sell in the UK and only deal in pounds this can still effect you.

We, at Glassworks Hounsell, are manufacturing exporters of extreme environment equipment are embracing, even selfishly welcoming the weakening of the currency as our products are now cheaper against our European counterparts. This should give us British manufacturers a boost both in revenue and margin - but let's also look at this other way. For those British companies that source from abroad (often in euro) and sell these services or parts into the UK, in pounds, the impact is considerable. These companies can often have agreed contracts to supply for a long period of time even at fixed prices and without a currency hedge then these arrangements and their margins are now being severely squeezed.

As we all know profitability is key to business survival and that profitability is not just about price but a combination of cost, revenue, quality, and delivery, so today, following Brexit and the impact on the pound, many of us are having to take a long hard look at our profitability. 

Glassworks Hounsell's history dates back to 1887 - we are Midlands-based precision engineers operating in special purpose equipment in a multitude of sectors but we are also an ever-expanding sub-contract machining and fabrication service with a range of in house facilities.  We have built our company on traditional values operating in the modern world. We believe in quality, we believe in on time delivery, we believe in relationships. This has allowed us to evolve with own suppliers and our customers to build relationships that can find ways balance or even optimise the impact of massive macro-economic events.

So, if you are a company looking to reduce the squeeze on your own profit margins and / or are looking to source back in the UK then look no further. If, on the flipside, you are a British company looking for to source a British supplier to help maximise the macro-economic increase to your margins of your European or International Sales then do contact us - please look at our website www.glassworkshounsell.co.uk, see our facilities and get in touch to discover how we can help you achieve your goal and above all begin that relationship and longevity to bridge such future events and volatility.

February 14 2017


Offering levels of overhaul and refrubishment from the complete to the emergency -  we currently have 5 going through the shopfloor. We measure material thickness, water test, clean and overhaul with many new parts -  to return to our customer a vastly improved charger for a reduced cost to suit the maintenance budget. Get in touch and we can help to arrange collection!

February 08 2017

Come and See us in Buenos Aries!

We will be exhibiting at Glassman South America 29th and 30th March 2017 and look froward to seeing you there!

  • Glassworks Hounsell Limited
February 10 2016


The investment into a Wele bridge-type vertical machining centre (with five-face processing) has allowed us to expand  our in-house product machining capability and move our subcontract production services into new sectors and industries with some new customers!

The Wele has a table size of 3,000 mm by 1,500 mm with X, Y and Z travels of 3,060 mm by 1,600 mm by 800 mm and combined with our new skills and other in house servcies we continue to drive forward into 2017 and beyond - we are always looking for a new challenge so please get in touch with any machining queries or enquiries you may have!

Read more about our new machine here!